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Growing with convenience

Our Story

Songmart opened 12 outlets during these years and the company aimed to become to the growing chain of supermarkets in Malaysia and providing consumers’ wide range of daily-use products with unbeatable value and absolute convenience

With the future business strategies of the company, Songmart will increase the number of outlets at various strategic locations and deliver daily use products to many consumers aiming medium to low end consumers.

In year 2020 the company has also expanded their business into medium to high end supermarket, Granville Grocery Sdn Bhd located at Senibong Cove which targeting high to medium spending customers.

The company is striving to grow as well as to accommodate the demands of wide range of consumer

Our Vision

We pride ourselves in being able to offer low prices to our customers daily. Customers will be spoilt for choice with the variety and bargains offered by the various stalls that come together at our premises, giving it a market like feel.

Our Mission

Our responsibility to our valued customers is to continuously offer merchandise at bargain prices, in line with our tagline “Harga Borong Setiap Hari”.

From Wholesale to Retail Expansion

Our Journey

Start of a journey

Tan Lee Heng Trading is founded in Johor Jaya as a wholesale business, importing and exporting goods to overseas markets such as Singapore, China, Australia, and the Solomon Islands.


Owning the factory

Tan Lee Heng purchases its own factory and rebrands as Tan Lee Heng (Sdn Bhd).


Retail Market Entry

The company enters the retail market with the launch of the Songmart supermarket chain, operating under the slogan "Harga Borong Setiap Hari" and providing a wide range of daily-use products at unbeatable value.


Outlet #1 opens

Songmart opens 12 outlets throughout Malaysia, becoming a growing chain of supermarkets and expanding its customer base.


Retail Chain Established

The company continues to expand its number of outlets and broadens its product offerings to accommodate the demands of a wider range of consumers.


Expanding to Premium

Songmart expands its business into the medium to high-end supermarket market with the opening of Granville Grocery Sdn Bhd, located at Senibong Cove, targeting high to medium spending customers.


Expanding Further

The company continues to strive for growth, expanding its number of outlets and product offerings to serve a diverse range of customers.


Board of Directors

Mr Teng Hewe Song

Mr. Teng, who is the founder of Tan Lee Heng (M) Sdn Bhd. He is involved in the overall business operations as well as developing business strategies.

Mr Teng Kok Guan

Mr. Teng, who joined the company in year 2012 and started to serve as director in year 2018. He is involved in managing the operations of Tan Lee Heng (M) Sdn Bhd and some of the Songmart outlets.

Mdm Ngoi Moi Moi

Mdm. Ngoi , who is one of the key members in the company and mainly oversees the accounts and human resources departments of the companies.

Mdm Adeline Tan

Mdm. Adeline, who is the pioneer of Songmart Group of Companies. She involved in start up of businesses and managing the operations of Songmart outlets as well as the corporate social responsibilities of the companies.
Standing Out in the Industry

Our Awards and Recognitions